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2021 CAN-AM Update! Moved to NEW DATES February 25-27, 2022

09-29-2020 13:18:00


Dear Sisters and Brothers,

I hope all is well with you. This year has turned out to be quite different from what we were all anticipating.  Most jurisdictions have pushed out for one year. Therefore, any special events that were to take place have also pushed out for one year.  This is true for the Can-Am that was scheduled for January 29-31, 2021. This notice is meant to clear up any misinformation.

The Associate Grand Patron, Brother George Supernault, and I were given the privilege of hosting the Can-Am during our year. Due to the pandemic, the dates of that year have changed. We are very pleased to inform you that the new dates for the Can-Am are February 25-27, 2022.  It will be held at the Hilton Hotel on the waterfront in downtown Burlington in the green mountain state of Vermont.  There will be information sent out to all of you when the time draws near.

Take care and Star love to all,

Donna L. Masterson, Associate Grand Matron