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3/12/2020 Vermont Grand Chapter Communication Regarding COVID-19

03-12-2020 10:39:00

March 12, 2020
Dear Sisters and Brothers
I am sure you have been monitoring the news regarding the COVID -19 outbreak, which the World Health Organization has announced as a pandemic. At this time, there is two (2) reported positive cases in Vermont, with 215 being monitored.
At this time, our fraternal meetings and events will go on as scheduled in Vermont. However, being concerned for the health and welfare of our membership, here is guidance to follow when attending functions that should help keep our membership’s health and prevent the spread in Vermont:
  1.        If you are feeling sick and running a fever, please stay home and refrain from attending meetings or events.  Even if you think you may be coming down with something, please practice social distance policy and stay home
  2.         Avoid handshakes, fist pumps, hugs, and that sort of close physical contact as it is a way to spread the virus. Avoid touching your hands to your face or nose at all times. If you cough or sneeze, please do so into your elbow or tissues
  3.   .      Wash your hands as often as needed. Use the 20 second rule ("Row Row Row Your Boat" song). Use personal hand sanitizer when a sink with soap and water are not available.  Suggest to your lodge or church to have hand sanitizer stations strategically throughout the building
  4.          See that common areas in the building where you meet are being cleaned properly, using disinfectants to wipe down surfaces that are frequently touched
  5.          If you are concerned about attending events, particularly at this time, that could expose you to the virus, please feel comfortable to make the decision not to attend

Please continue to watch for updates and public notices from the State of Vermont and the CDC.  Please be attentive to our elderly members and check in on them frequently as they are the group that will be the hardest hit. Should there be any changes in our status, we will notify the membership accordingly.

Proud To Be,

Jacqueline (Jacque) M. Shiner

Bruce A. Johnson