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Vermont Grand Chapter Communication Regarding COVID-19 March 2021

03-30-2021 10:56:00


March 30, 2021

Dear Sisters and Brothers

The Governor has made the decision that Social Clubs may open. In addition, Stuart Corso, Most Worshipful Grand Master has released a new edict on March 24, 2021 allowing Lodges to hold meetings. While we could start to meet, based on our survey only 50 percent of our members would attend if they were vaccinated but others will not. At this time there are still many members waiting on their first or second vaccination shot. As such many of our Chapters would not be able to make quorum. Therefore, we are suspending all local Chapter meetings until June 4, 2021 for local Chapters and until June 2, 2021 for Grand Chapter.  Sister Donna Masterson, Associate Grand Matron will notify Chapters after Grand Chapter Installation on our next steps.

For chapter regular meetings, during this time, chapters are not required to submit a request for dispensation. This is a one-time exception. Once this suspension of activity has been lifted, we will immediately continue with our regular schedule. Should a meeting need to be rescheduled after the suspension, you will be again required to submit dispensation requests. Further instructions for meetings will be provided prior to your first meeting.

Should an urgent matter arise during this period, please contact either myself or Sister Jerri K. Riegler, Past Grand Matron, Grand Secretary via phone or e-mail.

Stay Home – Stay Connected – Stay Safe – Stay Strong – STAY POSITIVE!

Proud To Be,

Jacqueline (Jacque) M. Shiner

Bruce A. Johnson