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2019-2020 Proud to Be Travel Award Announcement

05-11-2021 09:06:00


May 11, 2021

Dear Sisters and Brothers

Our travel award was a little different this year. We updated what qualified for points trying to motive our members. There were types of events: Attend, Assist, Visit, Serve, Signer, and Bonus. The Attend was to not only travel to events but to attend your own Chapter meetings as well as Masonic, Rainbow Girls and Demolay events. The “Assist” was for Masonic Dinners and your own Chapter charity event. “Visit” was for Prospective members and for shut-ins. “Serve” was to pro-tem in Chapter that is not your own. “Signer” was to encourage members to sign petitions for new members. And last but in no way the least, the bonus category was for driving more than 1.5 hours to an event and additional points for travelers with you.

We asked members to keep track of their points and when 200 points were accumulated to turn the booklet into Brother Bruce to receive the travel pin which was a blue dog paw print. We asked that members do not stop there but start a new booklet and continue to collect points for Chapter Travel Awards and Individual Awards. The top three in each will be recognized with a special award at the Grand Chapter Session. All books were turned in by May 1, 2020.

The travel award pin was a blue paw print in honor of our special project Blue Star Mothers of Vermont Pet Program. Brother Bruce is also a big dog lover. We enjoyed handing out each and every one of our pins and thank those members who participated. We know that you time is valuable and appreciate you traveling us this past term. Had we been able to complete our term, we know that we would have given out more travel awards.

The Chapter Awards went to: 1st Place Forest-Unity, No. 82; 2nd Place Charity, No. 57; and 3rd place Marble, No. 80. The 1st Place chapter was none other than our Worthy Grand Patron’s home Chapter! Way to go Forest-Unity for showing your support. The Individual Awards went to: 1st Place a tie with Doris J. Backus and Denis B. Backus; 2nd Place to Nadine Martin and 3rd Place to Palmer E. Martin. These individuals exemplify Easter Star and stepping in when needed. Not only did they travel, but if asked they would pro-tem.

Proud To Be,

Jacqueline (Jacque) M. Shiner

Bruce A. Johnson