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Vermont Grand Chapter Website Gets a New Look

06-08-2015 10:09:00
     Many of you know that our webmaster Sister Nancy Gross and her husband Dan have moved on to a much sunnier place, Las Vegas that is!  Our loss is Nevada’s gain.  So now it is time to pass on the torch.  Nancyhad a skill set that is rare in our Order, she was a true web “Master.”  She developed our website from scratch using special software.  To pass on the website, the new “webmaster” would be required to learn new software as well as take a few classes.  As this is more than many of us can handle, we decided to change our website to a more "plug and play" platform so that future webmasters need not be "masters."  That means that it is not as fancy or customized for each Session as Nancy’s version but all the information is there.  The website address has not changed.  It is still

     On the Home page you will now see on the left a list of upcoming events.  For the complete list of events, you will click on “Calendar” on the menu bar.  Also on the Home page will be News.  This will include the information that has been sent out in the newsletter e-mails as well as the occasional special story.  This will just be the headline and a little information.  To see the entire news story you will click on “News” in the menu bar.
     Most of our information will be located under “Grand Chapter” in the menu bar.  It includes: About OES, How to Join OES, OES History, Vermont Chapters and Districts, Grand Chapter Registration Information, Term Information, Grand Chapter Officers, Grand Representatives, District Deputy Grand Instructors, Past Grand Matrons and Past Grand Patrons, Grand Chapter Projects, Star Bytes, Scholarship Opportunities, and Vermont Eastern Star Home, Inc. (which is the Home Board).  The documents such as Petitions, Home Board applications etc can be found under Grand Chapter Documents.
     We also have a gallery and occasionally pictures will be posted here but we will continue to predominately post pictures on our Facebook page “Grand Chapter of Vermont – OES.”
     If you have any questions about the new website, please contact Sister Jacque Shiner at 802-733-1019 or e-mail at